Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama gives up hope for Lent

In order to honor the time Jesus Christ spent in the desert resisting temptation, and prove he's not a Muslim, President Obama has announced he will give up hope for lent. 

America is all too familiar with Obama's relationship with hope. It seems as though every
 time things looked dark in his life, he would use hope as a crutch to keep him on his feet. Obama himself admits to relying a little too much on hope. 

"Anybody who followed my campaign knows that hope is, and always has been a part of my life," said the President. "But not for the next 40 days. I'm givin it up. I just found out the word for hope in Spanish also means wait. Man that was depressing to find out."

President Obama continued to lament his dependence on hope, "Plus I feel kind of bad. I think I got America addicted to the stuff too."

It certainly seems as though America has been breathing in secondhand hope. Obama won by a landslide in the November election and has been the talk of the earth ever since. And the most common answer when voters were asked why they voted for Obama ... "He's the candidate who gives us the most hope for tomorrow."

Whether or not President Obama, and America, can get over their reliance on hope is yet to be seen. We can only hope so.

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Adam L said...

"President" Barack Hussein Obama (one letter away from "Osama," coincidence?) was educated in Indonesia for a period of time that he has not fully disclosed to the media. At that time Indonesia required relinquishing one's citizenship to enroll in their schools, which Obama most certainly did before he entered the madrassah where he learned Jihad and was programmed to be a Manchurian candidate for jihadists from Iraq. Therefore, legally, under the Constitution, he should have to forget everything he learned at Harvard and Columbia, be stripped of his office, and start selling crack while wearing a turban.