Monday, February 9, 2009

Mike Holgren Still Talking about Sandwiches

During last Sunday's Superbowl Pregame show, NBC analyst Mike Holmgren began talking about sandwiches and has continued for over a week. The rant started during a feature piece on Gatorade showers for winning coaches. Describing the feeling, Holmgren appeared on topic, but quickly strayed.

"Man is it sticky! But it's a good sticky," said Holmgren. "Like when you make a gargantuan sandwich and as you're holding it, just game-planning on how to tackle the beast, the mustard mixes with the oil and starts running down your hands."

Holmgren continued on to describe the stickiness of mayonnaise in his moustache and how he loves running a comb through it and then licking the comb. Bob Costa appeared nervous when his attempts to bring the former NFL Coach out of his trance proved futile.

"At first we really didn't know what to do," said Costa. "Dan Patrick (who was within arms reach) looked scared for his life. The producers were baffled. But then he started salivating too much for coherent speech, so we were able to continue with the coverage."

As the film crews packed up Holmgren appeared to be mumbling while miming the act of eating a sandwich.

"There was a five hour period on Wednesday when he was just naming things that can be put on sandwich," said Emilio Gonzalez, a janitor at Raymond James stadium. "My English isn't the best, but I'm pretty sure he was naming dog breeds at one point."

Though it remains unknown as to when Holmgren will stop talking. It's a sure thing that he will need to go into hibernation soon if he wants to survive the harsh winter of the American Northwest.

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