Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chihuahua’s Lopez Irate Over Oscar Snub

The announcement of the Oscar nominations are a time of joy for some of Hollywood’s finest, however they are a time of disappointment for others. Just ask Beverly Hills Chihuahua’s George Lopez. Lopez was dejected to find his role of Papi in Beverly Hills Chihuahua not nominated for Best Supporting Actor. “It’s complete fucking bullshit” the Disney movie star stated. “I mean, what kind of fucking morons do they got up there doing the nominating?”

Critics agree that the 81st Academy Awards features one of the most deserving slate of nominees for the Actor in a Supporting Role award in many years. Lopez disagrees finding fault in each of the nominees. “Basically what you have to do is put on some make up or go gay.” [Editor’s note: A majority of Mr. Lopez’s comments on this subject were deemed too offensive to print.] “I played a god damned chihuahua, do you know how hard it was to get into character?” Lopez retorted. Lopez, a known method actor, spent a year and a half preparing for his role as Papi. “I was on a steady diet of Alpo and table scraps, and slept in a dog carrier for 18 months. There’s only five different flavors of Alpo and do you know how fucking small those dog crates are?” When asked for his thoughts on Beverly Hills Chihuahua’s snub in the Animated Feature Film category, Lopez said, “To be honest, I was more pissed off that we got left off for Best Picture, BHC was so much more than an animated film it was a journey of self-discovery for a group of chihuahuas who had to overcome their inner demons to achieve their dreams, but fuck Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda.”

Lopez is determined not to let this year’s disappointment affect his future plans. “I have a lot of projects in the works right now. I want to do some art house films because it seems like that's what those douche monkeys at the Academy like to see. But I’m not going to let them dictate what I end up doing.” lists Mr. Lopez in two upcoming 2009 movies, The George Lopez Show: The Movie, and Big Mamma’s House 3: Grande Mamacita’s Casa.

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