Friday, August 14, 2009

Pitino Scandal Not A First For Coaches

Rick Pitino's extramarital affair with Karen Sypher has brought unwanted publicity upon the University of Louisville. This wasn't the first time a coach has raised headlines and caused headaches for their employers. Roof Monkeys takes a look back at some of the most memorable news worthy moments from head coaches.

-Mistaking them for buffet items, Rick Majerus eats three small children at the St. Louis University basketball team's awards banquet.

-Joe Paterno is caught in the middle of a paternity lawsuit when Roberta McCain, mother of Senator John McClain, claims that Paterno is the true father of her son.

-University of Washington Football Coach Rick Neuheisel foolishly picks 16 seed South Carolina State to upset 1 seed Oklahoma in a 2003 NCCA Basketball Bracket Challenge. Neuheisel is subsequently fired for being terrible at gambling and gambling.

-Bill Belichick is caught taping the season finale of “I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”

-Pat Summit causes controversy by signing a cross dressing male player to the University of Tennessee's Lady Volunteers basketball team. The player would eventually make it to the WNBA and be the basis for the Academy Award winning documentary, Juwana Mann.

-Bricklayer's Coach Dean Cain of MTV's Rock 'N' Jock Basketball is outcoached by the Violator's Bill Bellamy as Cain opts for a 2-3 zone defense despite the Violator's outside shooting prowess. Marky Mark makes the Bricklayers pay by scoring 33 points in a Violator's victory. Cain is not asked backed as coach the following year and is casted over by some random guy in Superman Returns.

-Golden State Warriors coach PJ Carlissimo irresponsibly puts his neck between Forward Latrell Sprewell's hands resulting in the team losing their star player for the rest of the season.

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