Friday, October 3, 2008

Microsoft goes ghetto ... bitch!

Yo, yo, yo. Wat up biznatches? Awww shit, have you seen dem new "I'm a PC" ads? Dopeville brah! And dem onez wit Seinfeld? So funny I nearly splattered my duds gettin my chuckle on. Shiiiit, call me a convert and baptize me wit sum Dell printer ink son!  

I'm not sure if I used the correct vernacular. I hope you can understand the point I was trying to make about Microsoft attempting to seem hip. I know my diction is poor, but I'm just starting to understand how the kids talk these days. The new Microsoft ads weren't actually what prompted this post. My buddy at work was doing a spell check when he came across this:

More like "Spelling and Grammar: Olde English." That's right. Microsoft word suggested he change "We're" to "We is." Damn microsoft, when did you get so cool all of a sudden? I guess they had to do something. Although this could just be their Asian programmers assuming he meant to say "We" as in "My Asian friend We, loves playing Wii." Easy mistake.

Going back to their "I'm a PC" ads, I don't appreciate the use of cute African children. Judging by the village surrounding the school, probably didn't have a choice as to what computers they were getting. Just like they didn't choose to wear a brand new "Patriots 19-0!" t-shirt on the first day of school.

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